How to begin (Practical including of yogic training complex in everyday life)

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For an implementation of everyday Yoga practice in your personal life is not only enough to master its individual elements. Of great importance is to apply the rules and proportionate combinations of different techniques into a comprehensive individual development.

Practical application of yoga in your personal existence must be preceded by the gathering of reliable information and scientific knowledge about the yoga system as a whole. Тhis pre-accumulation of information about yoga should not last long. A couple of weeks after this first stage of gathering the most relevant information you should start some practice. Subsequently, it is necessary to deepen your knowledge of what you actually implement within your personal training sessions. By joining a yoga practice to its theoretical and scientific understanding you will gradually enrich your yogic culture. You should not bog down in boring theories (“A ton of theory is not worth even a gram practice” – Swami Sivananda) nor turn yogic practice into simple manipulation. Your future yogic culture will need to be built on your knowledge of physiology of muscle’s activity, respiration, feeding, sexual activity, psychology, sociology, ethics etc. It means for all these manifestations of your vital activity which you can control. From the standpoint of this knowledge you should already take up with some classic ancient texts such as “Yoga – Sutras” of Patanjali. There you will inevitably be faced with difficulties of interpretation of many terms such as prana, chakra, kundalini, nadis, mantra, in which experienced yogis put a very real and concrete meaning, because these terms are real physiological and psychological phenomena in advanced yogis practice. The proper interpretation of these terms requires expert scientific understanding and demystification. These phenomena can be objects of study of some shares of science such as quantum chemistry, biophysics, psycotronics and others. But this sophisticated matter should not discourage you. Many things are realized during the course of practice. Careful practice and perseverance will definitely help you to become more confident and to acquire fine perceptions and deeper understanding about many ostensibly simple things in life. From the very begging I would highly recommend you to practice yogic relaxation and concentration as often as it is possible, at least two times per day. These basic yoga techniques are really the heart of the construction of your personal yoga experience.

How Do I Make a Homemade Enema? Original method.

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One personal experience

When I first started to cleanse my colon, the recommended methods for that I didn’t like much. My poor colon was in very bad condition so I was not able to pour into it even 200 to 300 ml of water, because I was getting pain in the lower part of my abdomen. But I remembered about the birth in the water and by analogy I decided to try doing an enema in a bathtub full of warm water.

Calmly lying in warm water, I did not even feel flowed into my body 1.5 liters of water from fixed over the bath an irrigator. I would not recommend any specific water temperature; the most important is to feel comfortable in the bath. Stay in the water 5-8 minutes, and then do the enema. The posture taken by you must be your favorite – for example on the right flank, but you can even lie on your back. When the tank of the irrigator becomes empty, remove the tip, turn on your back and begin to breathe through the low part of your lungs – this is abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing. Then after a short break uncork the bath. By emptying the water you will increasingly feel how your body becomes heavier and at that moment spontaneously the water can start leaking from your colon. Finally, rinse the bath with a hand held shower and the rest of the water in the colon can be disposed of in the toilet, then wipe your body and cover it with a towel.

This comfortable and very pleasant way of doing an enema is not recommended for people with heart disease or people losing consciousness for some time.

Liver purification

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After cleansing the colon, and removing one of the most powerful intoxication – intestinal, comes the treatment of the liver, which is also a dump” of waste substations generated after filtration of the blood and capsulated” in its tissues.

The most important factor about the efficiency of the liver purification is a preliminary preparation of the body. This preparation consists of consistent execution of at least four hot bathtubs (the latter one is better to perform the day before cleansing). Another important condition is to go on a strict vegetarian diet several days or a week before cleansing.

For this procedure is necessary some quantity of olive oil (from 150 to 300 g) depending on your body weight, and also the same amount of freshly squeezed (by hand) lemon juice.

First day (evening) cleansing enema

Second day (morning) – cleansing enema and all day eat a vegetarian meal.

Тhird day is like the second one.

Fourth day the same: morning an enema and during the day juice, but up to 7 pm. At that time the channels of the liver are very well expanded. So you must prepare a quiet place to lie down, heater with hot water which is placed on the liver (but underneath is placed a towel to avoid skin burn). Before that you must also prepare two glasses – one with olive oil and the other one with lemon juice in appropriate quantities mentioned above.

So at 7 pm on the fourth day begin drinking 1-2 sips of slightly warmed olive oil then take 1-2 sips of lemon juice. After 10-15 minutes you have to drink a second portion of olive oil and lemon juice, then the next one and the next (every 10-15 minutes) until you drink all the amount of olive oil and lemon juice. During all this time do not remove putted earlier heater onto your liver.

Finally, it remains to wait for the result, to see what will come. It is very well to breathe slowly and smoothly doing abdominal breathing. In this way you will make a massage on your liver. Do that about 30 minutes then do the rest and repeat breathing. It is better to breathe in a certain time only through your right nostril. If until 11 pm in the evening does not start the cleansing process then go to sleep. In the next morning, with regular bowel movements or through warm water enema will start going out unpleasant stuff… It is very difficult to imagine that these things for many years have been an integral part of your body! It is possible to vomit, which is also a part of cathartic process. After these releases (3 or 4 times) do last cleansing enema.

After cleansing, the first food should be freshly squeezed juice made from carrot or a mixture between beetroot and apple juice or only from apples that will furtherflushthe liver. Then take for some time only small portions of light vegetarian food: cereals, fresh vegetables, vegetable soups etc.

To perform your first cleansing procedure the most suitable season is Spring (March) when the power of the liver is its maximum.